Educating Needy Children To Lead

                                                                                                                       LITERACY  PROJECTS

Currently, we are teaching over 800 less-privileged children who could not read and understand. Out of this figure, we have been able to help 60 percent of the needy children (40% girls and 20% boys) to read within one month.

These needy children who could not read ranges between the ages of 6 and 14 years old.


                                                                              DONATION OF TEXT-BOOKS

Because of poverty, most of the parents cannot even afford to buy text-book for their children in school. This affects the student's academic performance negatively. To help solve this problem, we bought a literature text-book titled " The Power I Need To Conquer and Shine" and donated over 3, 000 copies to needy children in schools. Some of our beneficiaries include Amanfrom M/A Public School, Twifo Hemang M/A Public School, Aboabo Local Authority Junior High School,Brekum L/A Junior High School,Boo R/C  Junior High School,Choggu Yapalsi E/A Junior High School,Chiraa Junior High School,Dabala  Junior High School,Kato DC Junior High School,Kikam Junior High school etc



We award scholarships to needy but brilliant children.

In the picture, from right is the Account Officer of Geodak International School, the next person is a team member of Readers Lead, follows by Olivia, a beneficiary and the Grandmother of Olivia.

We have awarded scholarships to 30 needy children (20 girls and 10 boys)


We also create awareness of the benefits of reading to students, adults and the general public.

We believe that what we don't know is more than what we know." This encourages us to read more. It also inspires us to promote reading.